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Ideals and Philosophies

January 11, 2009

Since the birth is just around the corner, we wanted to share some of our ideals/philosophies with everyone who’s interested in knowing why we’ve made some of our choices.

Amber was a natural/organic baby…and wants to provide her child with the same healthy start that she was given.

We understand that our choices may not be what everyone else would want for their family. We’re all different, and what works best for one may not work for the rest. Everyone needs to decide what is BEST for their own lives and families 🙂


Since the beginning of the pregnancy, we have been researching all sorts of information about labor and delivery practices. After watching The Business of Being Born we were convinced that a natural/normal birthing process is what we were going to strive towards. This is the main reason we opted to go with midwife care using a birthing center (rather than on OB through a regular hospital).

Women have been birthing naturally for centuries, and we felt that it was something we wanted to experience. There are a multitude of reasons for why, but a short list includes:

  • Natural birth promotes a healthy bonding experience between mother and child through the release of oxytocin aka “The Love Hormone”
  • A birth free of interventions is less likely to end in C-Section, as long as the mother and child are healthy and considered low-risk.
  • Drugs used for pain management during labor can sometimes lead to a lethargic baby, which can sometimes hinder the breastfeeding process. We do not want anything to stand in the way of this.


We plan to breast feed exclusively for as long as possible. Once the breastfeeding relationship has been established it is MUCH easier than bottle feeding. Breast milk is always clean, the right temperature, and portable. And let’s face it….it’s FREE!

Benefits for Baby

  • Breast milk is the most complete form of nutrition for infants. A mother’s milk has just the right amount of fat, sugar, water, and protein that is needed for a baby’s growth and development. Most babies find it easier to digest breast milk than they do formula.
  • As a result, breast fed infants grow exactly the way they should. They tend to gain less unnecessary weight and to be leaner. This may result in being less overweight later in life.


  • Premature babies do better when breast fed compared to premature babies who are fed formula.
  • Breast fed babies score slightly higher on IQ tests, especially babies who were born pre-maturely.

Benefits for Mom

  • Nursing uses up extra calories, making it easier to lose the pounds of pregnancy. It also helps the uterus to get back to its original size and lessens any bleeding a woman may have after giving birth.
  • Breastfeeding, especially exclusive breastfeeding (no supplementing with formula), delays the return of normal ovulation and menstrual cycles. (However, you should still talk with your doctor or nurse about birth control choices.)
  • Breastfeeding lowers the risk of breast and ovarian cancers, and possibly the risk of hip fractures and osteoporosis after menopause.
  • Breastfeeding makes your life easier. It saves time and money. You do not have to purchase, measure, and mix formula. There are no bottles to warm in the middle of the night!

Amber will pump to start a stockpile should the need arise to bottle feed. We would like to delay any introduction of bottles for the first 6 weeks, so nipple confusion is avoided. After that time, pumped milk will be given to The Babe so that Peter will have a chance to take part in the feeding process.

Solids will not be given before 6 months, and we may choose to delay solids past that time depending on how the regular feedings are going. Once the time comes, we will be introducing one new food at a time, and using all organic products. We also plan to make our own baby food since it is much cheaper and healthier than the store bought version.


We plan to use cloth diapers almost exclusively. In the beginning we will give ourselves some options by having earth-friendly disposables on hand.

Cloth diapers are MUCH easier to deal with these days than when we were babies. There are TONS of options, though we will be going with All-In-Ones, which are basically the same as dispoasbles….but they’re washable. Meaning, there are no pins or waterproof pants needed. The brand we have registered for are called Bum Genius. This particular brand offers yet another option that we love. They are “one size fits all“, meaning we can buy ONE supply and use it from birth till the toddler years (or whenever potty training is successful).

Again, our reasons are many…but here are a few:

  • Cloth diapers are better for the environment.
  • Cloth diapers are more natural and easier on baby’s bum.
  • Cloth diapers are WAY less expensive in the long run than disposables.

There are many more things that we have strong opinions on, but for now…we’re going to stick with just the basics. Once the baby is here, we can start on any parenting philosophies that apply to the years to come.


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