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Prenatal Care

January 22, 2009


Our second midwife appointment went just as well as the first. We met up with the same midwife as last time, Katherine. She’s wonderful at explaining exactly what she’s doing, and answering any questions that we have (even the most inane, lol). Amber had her 26 week Gestational Diabetes screening (they do this for everyone now), and is keeping her fingers crossed that there is no news (because no news = good news). While there are no real risk factors, sometimes a woman’s body reacts in weird ways to pregnancy…and GD is one of the reactions.

Our first visit with the new Midwives was great! Everything is on schedule and both mother and baby are healthy (and growing). A 20 week “level II anatomy scan” has been scheduled for December 11th, so be on the look-out for new baby pictures!

We had our orientation appointment at the Brooklyn Birthing Center on Sunday 11/23 and are more than pleased to announce that we will be moving our care to this facility and its four midwifes. It more than exemplifies our birthing philosophies regarding the overuse of technology and our own need for a normal birth.

We think we’ve found the place where the new member of the family will be born! Brooklyn Birthing Center is a a freestanding birthing center where prenatal care and deliveries are performed out of the hospital in a warm home-like setting.

We are also deciding between two prenatal courses to learn relaxation techniques for natural birth: Hypnobirthing and Birthing From Within. We want to be as educated as possible so that we can make the best choices for our family.

So far we’ve visited Riverview Medical Center’s Prenatal Clinic twice and had one ultrasound at the Perinatal Clinic at 11 weeks. All the blood work has been completed. So far everything is normal normal normal 🙂

Peter’s insurance has been updated to include both of us, and now we will be changing care providers….we both want to keep our birthing options open, so that means we will be seeking out a midwife.

Please check back frequently for monthly (and sometimes more than monthly) updates about the health care process.

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