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Birth Story

March 1, 2009

As everyone already knows…we were planning on a NATURAL birth. We were using a midwife practice at a birthing center in Brooklyn. Well…as everyone ALSO knows by now…we did NOT get that birth. Amber had an emergency C-Section due to premature labor (10 weeks early).

On Saturday February 21st Amber felt “The Babe” move from the right side of her body to the left. It was a strange sensation and caused muscle aches since her body was used to carrying in a different position. The following day Amber had some mild lower back aches and cramps…but had been sick with a horrible cold that week, and had a UTI the week prior, so she thought nothing of the added aches and pains.

On Monday the 23rd the cramps continued, but nothing really bothersome. Amber felt so “normal”, good even, that she was moving things around in the bedroom..nesting if you will 🙂

At around 6pm that night the cramps got “regular” and she started to worry, though the only thing we considered were Braxton Hicks contractions. Peter arrived home at around 7pm and we decided to call the midwives. They told her to lie on her left side and drink lots of water. Braxton Hicks calm down when you just relax and stay hydrated. Well…things did NOT calm down. In fact they got worse. The cramps turned into obvious contractions that made it uncomfortable enough to need to move around. About an hour later midwives called back while Amber was in the middle of a round…and told her to head to the ER. The contractions were about 5 minutes apart by then. On the way to the hospital (at 9ish) they sped up to every 2 minutes. In the ER they were ONE minute apart!!!!

After being admitted, Amber found she had lost her “mucus plug” and knew this was no longer a serious bout of false labor. This was in fact the real deal. This was the scariest thing that has ever happened to either one of us. Our baby was coming NOW! Amber was checked, and they found her at 5 centimeters dilated. There was no way to stop or slow down labor. It was too late. We were crushed and terrified. The baby was assumed to be too small to tolerate normal vaginal labor so Amber was prepped for a c-Section. This was the opposite of what she wanted, but things were moving too fast to care about anything other than the baby’s well being. At this point Amber was checked again and she was 6 centimeters dilated. This was after about 20 minutes!!!

Amber was given an spinal block and draped for surgery. Peter was brought in for support. There were many doctors present in case of emergency for such an early baby. At 11:08pm we became the parents of a beautiful little girl. She was born squirming and crying. Amazing relief was felt by all. The Babe was transferred to Jersey Shore Medical to their level 3 NICU at roughly midnight on Tuesday the 24th.

Everyone knows the story from there….and knows that The Babe became Alexandra a day later, and then Lexie a week later once Amber and Peter were able to get to know her personality and see which nickname suited their new tiny baby 🙂

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