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Doctor Visit – Nov 09

November 14, 2009
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Thursday was the last time we have to visit Alexa’s pediatrician in 2009.  We couldn’t be happier to FINALLY get to space the well visits out.  All the concerns regarding her premature birth have been put to rest (well most).  Now she’s just a regular baby 🙂  Next time we see Dr. Fury will be in Jan or 2010.

We’re not sure what the issue with the doc’s scales are, but they say she only gained 4ozs, but grew and inch and a half?  Not likely!  Anyway, her stats this last visit were 14lbs 4ozs and 26.5 inches.  She was heavier 2 weeks ago when she was taken in for an allergic reaction to yogurt (she most likely has a milk protein allergy that she should grow out of).  So we’re pretty suspect that the scales haven’t been calibrated in a while.

Next week we will be back in the office again…but not for a doctor’s visit.  Little miss is getting her ears pierced!  ACK!  Those poor lobes are about to be decorated.

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