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November Milestones

November 30, 2009

Photo_110509_006Alexa has had a busy month! She has learned to sit unassisted. Earlier this month we started putting her down on the ground while we braced her from the sides. She was able to hold herself steady for a few moments. Last week Alexa perfected sitting ALL BY HERSELF.  Now she will hang out on the floor for a half hour or so before she gets tired and starts to fuss.

Feeding herself Little miss has also started to feed herself.  She’s making HUGE messes, but seems to love helping us spoon food into her mouth.  We tend to give her a 2nd spoon to play with while we feed her.  It keeps her busy, even if she is scooping out (sometimes half of) what we give her 🙂

New earrings :-)


Everyone already knows that Alexa has had her tiny little ears pierced this month, but we couldn’t resist posting this adorable photo yet again!  The holes are healing up nicely, and she is all sparkly in her “diamond” studs.

Last, but SOOOOOO NOT least!  Alexa has said her first word!  It happened as we were packing up to leave Peter’s family’s home on Thanksgiving night.  She said MAMA MAMA MAMA while in the midst of a major meltdown.  Amber thought it was a fluke, but then she did it again later than night as we visited Amber’s family.  Both of our families witnessed this as well, but we wanted to make sure everyone knows that she’s STILL DOING IT.  Albeit, only when she’s unhappy or tired, but it’s definitely MAMA (MOM-MA), and not just babbling.  She says it with intention and when she’s in need.  Our hearts are full, and we fell in love all over again.  It takes parenting to a WHOLE ‘NOTHER level!!

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