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Ideals…Meet Reality

December 8, 2009
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Some of you may remember our initial ideals that were posted on our original website back BEFORE Alexa was born.  Well….we just thought we should revisit some of the details since people have been asking if we’re “still doing this or that”.

We think it’s safe to say that Amber did not get her natural birth 😦  Alexa’s extreme prematurity called for extreme measures.  Vaginal births are sometimes dangerous for preterm babies…for a multitude of reasons, and it just wasn’t worth the risk.

Breastfeeding has been a very difficult journey.  From the start, pumping just DID NOT WORK….though Amber was able to get enough out daily for at least one full feeding.  She dutifully pumped every 3-4 hours for the 5 weeks that Alexa was in the NICU.  After Alexa was old enough to start nursing on her own things got a little better.  Babies are just better at expressing breast milk than any machine.  It took tons of work, tons of herbs, lots of support…but we did it!  While we weren’t able to exclusively breastfeed from the start, eventually Alexa was weaned from any formula.  These days she’ll get a bottle or 2 every once in a while….but Amber is hopeful to continue the journey AT LEAST until Alexa’s first birthday.

Solids were started in part once Alexa turned 6 “real world” months.  We didn’t want to do this until she was 6 months adjusted, but our pediatrician thought we should give it a try since her digestion was more mature than her, then, adjusted age of 4 months.  As it turned out, Alexa would have none of it for another month…so we met half way 🙂  We’re making all of her baby food here at home.  It’s really easy, healthier, and way more cost-effective than buying jars of pre-made baby food.

We are still cloth diapering, though we do use disposables when the need arises (we’re out of the house, Alexa has a rash and needs ointment, etc.).  Lately her CD’s have been leaking a bit.  We purchased one-sized versions that “grow” with her…and the waterproof cover seems to be degrading a bit.  We will get some diaper covers soon, so that issue will be taken care of and we can resume the use of these adorable cloth diapers!  For the time being we’re using disposbales so we don’t have to change her outfit 4 times a day due to leaks 🙂

I think that about sums it up.  We had some pretty lofty ideals, and stuck with most of them.

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