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Backwards Baby

December 17, 2009

Alexa had another developmental assessment this week. She now weighs in at 16lbs and has grown to 27.75 inches! She’s getting soo soo big.

Her score on the “age” assessment (basically a checklist, that we go over with a nurse, that says what she can and cannot do) had her, yet again, somewhere between her real age (9.5 months) and her corrected age (7.5 months). Her score was actually closer to her real age if you want to get specific 🙂

We met with another team that  tests her physically. They were concerned that she’s not rolling over or really cooperating during “tummy time“.  Most babies won’t sit up or stand if they don’t build the large muscle groups that are worked while on their stomachs.  Of course Alexa has been standing on our laps since she was about a month old…and has been pulling up to stand for months now.  She’s been able to sit up, assisted, for a long while…and has been sitting, unassisted, for about a month.  Yeah, she’s doing things out-of-order 😛

Anyway, the team said that they would recommend Early Intervention for an assessment, and possibly therapy…though they said that it would be possible to work on more tummy time at home for the time being.  Of course we were a bit shocked to hear that since Alexa has always seemed abnormally strong to everyone she’s ever interacted with.  They say that this rolling delay can possibly delay other milestones.

For the past two days we’ve been more than diligent about making sure Alexa has more than enough time on her stomach.  Low and behold…she’s not freaking out over it anymore.  Hmrph…sure sure…AFTER we tell the docs that she hates it.  Always making liars out of us!

THEN…TODAY…of course, she decides to start trying out crawling.  Well…really she was sitting on the floor and decided to lunge forward to shimmy over towards Peter’s laptop.  She then did the same thing to for Amber’s laptop about an hour later.  This girl will only enjoy tummy time for the cool glow of a computer screen, lol!

We’re not concerned with her lack of rolling.  She gets up on her sides just fine and turns in circles on her back.  We, and the doctor, believe that she may just really really really NOT want to be on her stomach….so she might not roll over to it for that reason.  She’s reaching every other milestone on, or before, schedule 🙂


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