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December Milestones

January 9, 2010

TOOFERAlexa started December out with a rough round of teething. The real deal this time…because one broke through that first week! We could only feel it, as she wouldn’t let us catch a glimpse of it until a few weeks later. We FINALLY got a photo of THE FIRST TOOTH the day after Christmas!

It’s partner started to come in just a few days later, and broke through over the New Year’s weekend.

So Proud of Herself!Alexa has stood up on our laps almost since she was born, and had pulled herself up from sitting using our hands.  On December 20th, though, she started to use the couch to pull up and stand on her own.  Just yesterday we finally got some good photos of her standing in her crib!  Uh oh, time to move that mattress down a few notches!

As noted a few weeks back (Dec 17th), our little girl has started to show signs of crawling 🙂  She’s been lunging forward, at first just for our grown-up techy toys, and now for just about anything that catches her interest.  She’s holding herself up in the crawling “pose”, and even started pushing backwards a bit.  She has yet to actually get going, but it’s sure to happen soon!

Also, this past week she’s started to scoot around on her bottom when she’s sitting down.

Santa BabyMerry Christmas!We also had some great holiday related memories to mark in the book.  Alexa got to meet Santa for the first time.  We visited the Mall at Short Hills and stood in line for over 2 hours.  It went by relatively fast though, since she was so well-behaved!

We also celebrated Alexa’s first Christmas.  First on Xmas Eve with both of our families.  There was food, presents, good company…good times!  Peter and I then spent Xmas Day alone with Alexa where she opened up her gifts from just us.  It was a lovely lazy day 🙂

Last, but NOT least, we have yet another word from our baby girl!  She now says “Dada”!  Alexa wakes up babbling it, and says it repeatedly when she’s happy over the course of the day.  She still reserves “Mama” for times when she’s over-tired or otherwise miserable, ha!

Boy was this ever a busy month, can’t wait to see what January brings 🙂

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