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Jan Pedi Appt

January 25, 2010

We had another doctor appointment today with Miss Alexa.  She’s doing great, as always.  she weighs in now at 17.5lbs and is 28 inches tall.  See the updated graph here.

Alexa is now fully on the charts for her height, weight, and head size (for her real age).  She’s almost caught up!  We are looking forward to when the time comes that we can stop thinking of her in terms of 2 different ages (real vs. adjusted).

Last week we were informed that Alexa is indeed allergic to cow’s milk and other dairy products, so when the time comes she will be drinking soy and/or rice milk…rather than regular milk.  This will be until she’s at least 2 years old.  We’ll also be using other soy products like tofu and yogurt to round out her diet.

At today’s appointment, the doc told us that Alexa may be weaned from breastfeeding on her 1st birthday and started on “milk” should we choose to do so.  We do NOT have to wait until her adjusted 12th month.  At that point Amber will have made it to her ONE FULL YEAR goal for nursing!

OH!  We almost forgot to mention….but Alexa is getting her top front teeth now!  Amber felt it this morning with her finger, and then the doc saw it during the exam..and Amber saw it again when the appointment was wrapping up 🙂

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