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Alexa’s First Birthday Party!

February 21, 2010

We celebrated Alexa’s first birthday this Saturday, Feb 20th, and it was wonderful.  Special thanks to Peter’s mother, Kim, and sister, Theresa, for helping out with the planning and setup! Many of our friends and family came out to wish our little girl a very happy birthday.  We couldn’t be happier with the turnout.

To make the day even more special we included a Naming Ceremony to announce Alexa’s Vietnamese middle name, Quỳnh, special vows from mom and dad,  “Quitting the Cradle”, and a little quiz to see who had paid the best attention to all of our posts about Alexa over the past year (we were NOT surprised when Theresa won :-)!!!).  Please see the newly uploaded Party Program for more details!

Alexa then blew out her candle and ate her first bite of cake!  She loved it, of course 🙂

Everyone was far too generous, and Alexa received a great bounty of gifts.  Clothes, toys, jewelry, and money galore!

Thank you again for making this party a great success and a lasting memory for us.

Please visit our newly uploaded photo set to see pictures from the party!

On Tuesday, Alexa’s official birth date, we will take our little girl off to the studio to have her first professional photos taken.  Stay tuned for loads more pictures.


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