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February Milestones

March 2, 2010

It’s time once again for a month in review.  There were milestones galore in Feb, HUGE month!  In her true OCD-ish style, Amber recorded the dates for almost everything…ahhh the power of technology…she emails herself a note whenever something fun happens!

2.2 – Someones cruising along the couch edge 🙂 Just when little miss figured out how to crawl, she decides she’d rather walk!
2.9 – We have waves! Alexa is now saying hi and bye in her own adorable way.
2.10 – Standing wasn’t an issue, but getting back down…that’s another story. Well now she can sit back down after she’s gotten up.
2.13 – Alexa celebrated her first Tet (Viet Lunar New Year). We had a traditional meal with Peter’s family to honor the day.
2.14 – Alexa celebrated her first Valentine’s day. Lots of red & pink pictures!
2.15 – Aunt Theresa bought Alexa a kitty toy for Valentine’s day and it soon became her favorite. She now imitates a “meow” when we play with it 🙂
2.15 – Alexa has started to pull at Amber’s shirt, there’s now no doubt when she wants to nurse!
2.20 – We celebrated Alexandra’s 1st birthday with a Valentine’s Day themed party. We also included a naming ceremony to announce her Viet middle name, Quynh.
2.21 – She shared for the first time today.  She hugged her kitty..passed it to Peter to hug..and then asked for it back. Adorable!
2.22 – We have confirmation that Alexa knows how to roll over (back to front). She did it once to get to our cat, Chloe. Just once, but we knew she could do it…she just doesn’t want to!
2.22 – Saying uh oh!
2.23 – Miss Alexandra turned ONE today!  We took her for her first photo shoot to mark the occasion. The pictures will be posted soon.
2.27 – Amber reached her ONE YEAR goal of breastfeeding (in some form or function Alexa has gotten mama’s milk).  Amber wasn’t able to pump anything until the Friday after Alexa was born, it just so happened that was the first day mom and baby were reunited!

This month Alexa cut her 4th and 5th tooth and 6th one is right under the surface (all on the top). It’s so amazing how much older she looks with just a few pearly whites.

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  1. March 2, 2010 10:36 pm

    awesome milestones, and congrats on the 1 year breastfeeding goal! even more awesome with a hard start. I did it two years for both mine and dug it the whole time

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