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First Family Vacation – Austin, TX

April 28, 2010

Last week we took a trip to visit Austin, TX where we spent 5 days taking in this beautiful city.  It was a wonderful, albeit somewhat stressful (par for the course when you travel with a baby!), vacation.  The flight down to TX (by way of Atlanta) was not not not fun, though the way home was actually fairly pleasant.  Ahhh live and learn, no more early morning travel with Alexa 🙂

We stayed at the amazing Omni Downtown, a hotel within a glass building.  It was an amazing place that made us feel like we were living in the Total Recall Dome.

The downtown area is wonderfully clean and easy to navigate.  The whole city is as well, but it was a happy change of pace to visit a city that didn’t make you feel like you needed a shower afterward, ha!

There were many things on our to-do list.  Many places to visit, people to meet, food to eat.  Here’s a list of what we were able to fit in:


  • Eeyore’s Birthday Party – a supper hippie fest where we FINALLY got to meet up with Ana.
  • Zilker Park, Zilker Zephyr, & Barton Springs – Alexa loved the train ride. We ran out of time and didn’t get to dip our feet into the water. Next time!
  • Meeting both Nanette and Anna – Amber’s good (online) friends who were wealths of information and great company 🙂
  • Long long car rides touring ALL around Austin. We think we have a great feel for the area now. Can’t wait to go back and do more.
  • Austin Children’s Museum – Alexa needed a couple visits to fully make up her mind.  She gives it a thumbs up 🙂


As some of you might know, we’re looking to move in the semi-near future and wanted to scout out this particular city now since it’s at the top of our list.  With Nanette‘s help, we had a list of neighborhoods to visit, and boy did we ever.  The one that caught our eyes the best was near Austin’s old airport.  The land is being developed into an amazing preplanned community that was a perfect location for all the tech companies Peter would apply to, a perfect child friendly neighborhood for Alexa, and a perfect style for Amber 🙂

The trip was a major success, and now it’s time to move forward with our plans to ready our current house for sale before we can start the real process of relocating 🙂

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  1. annabella permalink
    April 28, 2010 10:42 pm

    I love you, hurry back!! ❤

    • April 30, 2010 2:39 pm

      Can’t wait to come back forever! I really did love it. I was surprised, since sometimes I get a little ahead of myself on paper…but this time all our research paid off.


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