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April Milestones

May 12, 2010

Here we are again, another month down…wow, the clichés are right, it goes by too quickly!  I know I’m a bit late in with April’s updates, since May is already half over, but life got in the way again 🙂

  • 4/3 – first weekend away to Philly to celebrate Peter’s birthday.  This was Alexa’s longest car ride to date, and she slept the whole time!
  • 4/4 – first real Easter: There was no big celebration of the holiday, since Alexa is just too little to care about bunnies and chocolate.  she just played with decorative eggs in Grandpa John and Grandma Kathi’s yard.
  • 4/20 – standing on own!  Alexa has started to let go of our hands to stand, she’s able to squat down and stand back up for a few seconds.  She’s also lunged forwards a few times, but we’re not calling first steps just yet.
  • 4/22 – first plane ride, and it did not go too well.  We took a family vacation to Austin, TX to scout out the city in hopes of moving there in the next 2 years or so.  While Alexa didn’t love the ride down there, she had a great time seeing all the new sights.
  • 4/25 – Alexa had her first full tub bath.  Until now she’s always been in her little plastic tub inside the big one.  While on vacation we had a bath with grippies on the floor so we took advantage, and got photos!
  • 4/30 – We celebrated my original due date and Alexa’s “corrected” 1st birthday.  She is now, developmentally, a full year old.  To mark the occasion, we turned her car seat around.  Our big little girl now gets to look forward during our jaunts around town!

Alexa has always loved music, but now she just can’t get enough of it.  The beat takes over her whole body and she cannot help but shake her groove thang!  There are videos I promise, I just haven’t edited any of them…so they’re still sitting on my hard drive.  Someday, maybe!

No new teeth in April!  She’s due for sure 🙂

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