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Medical Clearance

May 29, 2010
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This month has been a busy one with 3 different doctor’s appointments.  Alexa had visits with her regular pediatrician, the ophthalmologist, and the Infant Toddler Assessment Program.

On the 3rd we made our way to the pedi’s office for another well visit.  Alexa had 3 more shots, one of them was really a TB test, but a needle just the same.  She’s all clear by the way.

On the 19th we had to go see the eye doc for a follow-up visit.  See, this is the same doctor that tested Alexa’s eyes in the NICU.  We were instructed to bring her back for another checkup after a year.  She sat on my lap while the doc checked her out.  Then she had to have her eyes dilated.  Such a weird experience for adults, it’s gotta be freaky for babies when everything just keeps…getting…BRIGHTER!  We sat in the waiting room for about a half an hour after that.  Alexa passed the time by playing with all the other kiddies.  She’s such a happy baby 🙂  The doctor then saw her again, and while she wasn’t thrilled with being fussed with yet again, she was given a clean bill of health.

He did tell us to come back in 2 years, since he doesn’t like to say that everything will be perfect until kids can tell him themself that they can see clearly, but so far so good.  Really, with prematurity there can be some issues with the way the retina grows.  So far she’s structurally sound, ha!

Finally, on the 25th we met with the ITAP specialists yet again.  Alexa will be seeing them until she’s 3.  We’ve gone every 3 months since she was born.  It will switch to every 6 months after she’s 18 months, I think 🙂

This appointment was special because she was seen, not only by the 3 people she normally checks in with, but also by a 4th specialist.    This extra portion of the appointment was a long one, at least 20 minutes!  Alexa sat on my lap in front of a table and basically played with toys.  They wanted to test her fine motor, cognitive, and speech development.  She was asked to put pegs in holes, play pretend with a baby doll, bounce balls, pick up small blocks, put puzzle pieces into their coordinating slots, remember under which cloth the toy was.  She excelled in almost all of the tests.  She was also monitored for which words she said and/or understood (look to the footer for the updated list of Alexa’s Words!). They tell me she’s on par with her REAL AGE for all of these categories!

The rest of the appointment went well and she scores between her real and corrected age for most everything else.  The only thing that she’s still scoring her corrected age is walking.   Because little miss likes to screw with us…of course she started walking just a few days after the appointment.  Hmrph!  She did the same exact thing when they were worried about her crawling.  Luckily, this time, she did stand the ENTIRE time she was with the “gross motor skills” therapists.  I just love it when she actually does her tricks for the docs!

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