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May Milestones

June 1, 2010

This month has been allll about getting upright, and getting mobile. Yes, that means Alexa is standing on her own all the time now, has taken her first precarious steps, and has officially started walking!

Here’s the usual list for everyone keeping track of dates:

  • 5.12 – Plays pretend – Alexa will lean in to “talk” on the phone when you pretend to make it ring. Super cute!
  • 5.12 – First time she stood up on her own without holding onto anything
  • 5.17 – FIRST STEPS! – The first time she did it we were at the gym in the nursery. Alexa was playing with a walker toy and it rolled away from her. Instead of getting down and crawling to it, she stepped forward towards it. Then She did it again later than day while we were at home!
  • 5.23 – she took 2 steps in a row to Peter…he was so excited to see it
  • 5.27 – it’s official, she’s a walker! There’s even video to prove it 🙂
  • 5.30 – Alexa spent her first time in a pool. She donned a new bathing suit from Aunt Theresa and splashed away!

Thanks for stopping by!

PS, yeah…still no new teeth, she’s hiding them on us!


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