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June 24, 2010

Alexa has started to talk up a storm.  She seems to learn a new word at least once a week.  This week she’s ALLLLL about “birds”.  You see, we have a mocking-bird that likes to “mock” our kitty whenever she steps outside the house.  Well, Alexa has noticed this bird hanging out on our power lines, now whenever she goes outside she points to the sky and yells “BARD, BARD”.  Soooo cute!  Peter was at the park with her just a few days ago when she uttered the phrase, yes her FIRST phrase, “bird there”.   So very exciting.

Not only is she talking more, but she’s understanding almost everything we say.  Requests for action of some sort are met with either an eager yes (where she does what’s asked) or a vigorous head shake (which means NOOOO!).  “Alexa, get your ball” and she brings it over, “Alexa, please hand me the book” and she hands it over to be read, “please eat” shake shake shake…nope, ha.

Alexa has also started to bring books over to us motioning for us to read to her.  I can only assume that this new development has something to do with her new-found understanding of language.  A new thing for us to do together, and a new way for her to learn WIN/WIN!  We’ve always tried to read to her, but it’s only recently that she’ll sit and pay attention to a full book.  A short book…but still…a book none the less!

Lastly, she has been “signing” more to get her point across.  Like I mention before, there’s the ever-present head shake.  The arms up in the air indicating she would like to be picked up.  There are a few more, but the latest is the sign for “all done“.  We haven’t paid any special attention to teaching Alexa baby sign language, but I guess this one is intuitive.  When she’s done eating, I’ve always turned my palms up and said “all done”.  Well now she does it when she finishes eating or drinking.  Super cute!

In case you haven’t noticed down there on the bottom of the page, I’ve added a list of all the words we know she understands, and the ones she says.  Check back often, I try to update it whenever we make note of a new one.

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  1. Annabella permalink
    June 25, 2010 9:30 am

    Congrats on the milestones, Alexal! Auntie Bella adores you and is very proud! ❤


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