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June 29, 2010

Last weekend we celebrated my birthday and Father’s Day.  To make the whole holiday weekend a bit better, and longer, Peter decided to take the week off from work.  This meant that we had a ton of time to do some family fun stuff.  Day Trips!

It’s been a long and busy week, but I’m glad we decided to stay home, rather than take a vacation in one place.

I’m just going to rattle off a list of what we did in case you’re interested 🙂

  • Sat, 19th – My 31st birthday.  We had a low-key BBQ with my Father and Step Mother.
  • Sun, 20th – Father’s Day.  We took a trip down to the Camden Aquarium.  Alexa just loved the tropical fish and the shark tunnel!  Sadly I forgot the good camera so the phone pics are a not great.  I’ll load them soon.
  • Thurs, 24th – We finally got to visit the sprinkler park in Colts Neck.  Peter had heard about it from another parent at the park a few weeks ago.  Now that Alexa is walking, we figured it was a perfect day to go.  That, and it was super hot out and we needed a break!
  • Fri, 25th – A trip to the zoo.  Turtle Back Zoo to be exact.  We actually used to live a few minutes from here before we bought the house, but never had a reason to visit.  Alexa loved it.  Specially the bird area.  There’s an exhibit that you walk through with free flying parakeets.  You can even feed them if you like, though Alexa is a bit small to try that.  Maybe next year.  She did, however, just adore staring at these bright colorful “BARDS“!
  • Sat, 26th – My father and soon to be stepmother’s wedding shower.
  • Sun, 27th – A visit from Theresa and Johann.  It was supposed to be a day for them to babysit and for Peter and I to go out alone, but it didn’t work out.  Alexa had been super clingy and fussy that day…so we ended up just hanging out and eating dinner together.  A nice night nonetheless, and another chance for them to play together.  We’ll try it again soon!

Since Peter was going to be home either way, we also decided to start a different type of sleep arrangement.  The dreaded task of night weaning.  Alexa had shown signs of being ready to go the night without nursing over the past few weekends when Peter would give me a break and take her.  We figured it was the best chance to get her used to sleeping without me for a week straight.  She has been sleeping SOOOOO much better.  We had a few nights of 4,5,6 hours of sleep straight, and then on Sunday night when it was my turn to take over again she slept for EIGHT HOURS STRAIGHT! Sure, there will be hiccups along the way but she’s on her way to sleeping through the night for real.  Ahhhhh finally, a light at the end of the tunnel 🙂

So yes, we had a full week indeed.  Yesterday things returned to normal with Peter back at work, and me home alone with Alexa.  We’re beat!

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