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June Milestones

July 2, 2010

June was a huge month over here!  Alexa has fully accepted her role as toddler.  While she’s still a baby in my eyes, I guess we’ll have to concede defeat in trying to keep her small ;D

As always, I’ve kept a running tab of everything Alexa has learned.  Not sure when this will stop, but lately the new skills just keep pouring out of her!

We all know she started walking at the end of last month, well now she’s off and running!  We chase her through the house and she speeds off squealing with delight.  There’s video to come I promise.

In bigger news, well not really bigger, but long awaited…Alexa FINALLY got 2 more teeth this month.  So now that’s 4 on top, and 4 on the bottom.  WOOHOO!  Teething was just as rough this time around, but for now she’s done and enjoying tearing into food with her new pearly whites.

Ok, on to the list of dates and milestones:

  • 6.12 – Alexa has started to point out her body parts, and those on others (nose, belly)
  • 6.13 – She has taken to fake coughing to get our attention.  Whenever she does it, if we do it back, she just freaks…in a good way!
  • 6.14 – Alexa can now drink through a straw.  We have been letting her try for a while now, and she finally got it.  We’ll have to get some sippy cups with built-in straws since regular ones are a little sharp for her delicate little mouth.
  • 6.14 – Felt the first tooth in a few months break through the surface of her gums.
  • 6.15 – She now plays pretend with her toys.  She will feed her stuffed animals a bottle when prompted.  We have since bought her a baby doll, who she loves to share her sippy with.
  • 6.17 – Said her first phrase, this is a huge one!  Peter was at the park with her when she shouted out “BARD THAR” (aka, bird there).  She is totally obsessed with birds these days.  Sometimes, when she’s super crabby, the only thing that will calm her is a walk outside to point out the BARDS.
  • 6.18 – Alexa is officially a climber.  She got up onto the couch all on her own for the first time.  She didn’t step on me or anything else to do it.  Just shoved her foot onto the lounge portion and pushed her body up on to the seat.  Now she usually uses her bouncer seat to climb up, but can still do it without help.
  • 6.28 – It took a few days, but she learned to get down from the couch on her own.  We kept showing her how to roll over and back down off of it, and she got it!
  • 6.30 – She now does High-Fives.  I cannot take credit for this one, for I rarely do them when people ask, HA, but she learned it somewhere.   Peter tells me he’s been teaching her.  Now, if you say “fives?” she holds out her hand and smacks ours.  Too cute.

Not only has she learned all of these new tricks, but she has learned new words galore.  It seems like every few days she has a new one.  From what we can tell, she understands just about everything we say.  When we ask her to go pick something up, she does…when we ask her to bring us something, she does…etc.  I’m still adding to the list at the bottom of this site, so check back often to see which words we’ve caught and added!

The best thing she’s learned this month, in my eyes, are KISSES.  Yes, she finally gives intentional kisses!  She’ll lean over and kiss me when I say “I love you”, she’ll kiss her books when I read something about kissing, she’ll kiss her baby doll or other toys when I ask her to “give kisses”.  It’s painfully sweet indeed.

Last, but soooo NOT least, she has finally taken to being read to.  OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN.  We went to B&N last weekend to get new books, and I think we already need new ones.  Of course she’s happy to read the same ones again and again, but I’m getting bored with them ;D

Now it’s time for me to go add new photos to Flickr and edit video for our YouTube channel.  Will post again soon when those are done.

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  1. July 3, 2010 12:49 am

    teehee, I love how she carries that baby upside down under her arm! So cute 😀

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