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July Milestones

August 14, 2010

LOVES Her New Cup!I know this is about 2 weeks late, but hey…it’s been busy around here! I guess last month when I pondered if I would finally stop keeping tabs on all the specific dates of Alexa’s new tricks it was telling, for this month’s post is lacking that information. Hell, I don’t even remember if it all actually happened in July or August, LOL!

So without further ado, here’s a breakdown of what little miss has been up to since our last update:

  • Body Parts – we’ve now got many more body parts to point to these days. Aside from the ones she knew last month (nose, belly) Alexa can now point out belly button, feet, toes, arms, hands, head, hair, eyes, mouth, and ears. I think that’s all. Also, when she points to anyone’s eyes, she now says the word. So cute!
  • Feeding – She has taken to trying to feed herself with a spoon. A lot of the time the food ends up flung across the room, but she’s getting there. Along with this new development, she’s decided that being fed by one of us is no longer cool. The only thing she’ll let us feed her, without a fight, is yogurt. Bye bye baby purees (not sure if this makes me happy or not, it was far easier to do this all myself, but they do grow up). Most of the time Alexa isn’t happy unless she’s feeding herself completely. This means a lot of experimenting with random foods that A. don’t have any sort of dairy in them B. are easy to pick up C. she’ll actually eat without tossing across the room. Yes folks, the picky eater stage has arrived. Fun times.
  • Movement – Alexa is a full-fledged walker…and that has turned to real running. The best part is, whenever she gets cranky, all I have to do say “I’m gonna get you” and she bolts across the room. She also likes to chase us…and when you tell her you’re going to hide, she’ll come and find you. Alexa still loves dancing, and can now twirl in circles (that’s Peter’s doing, and he wants credit!). She also likes to jump and stomp her feet, AWWWWW.
  • Sleep – You all know what a major issue this has been from the start. Things have gotten way way better in the past few months. Her naps have been pretty good for a while now, but night sleeps are much better. She’s going down without nursing at all most of the time (though sometimes she needs it to settle…though not to fall asleep…if she’s really cranky). Most of the time Peter takes her over night because she does better with him. I guess I’m still considered an all night snack buffet, ha! Though, recently she’s been able to sleep next to me without begging to nurse. Huge progress, here’s to more **fingers crossed**

Remember to check the word list at the bottom of the site where I’m trying to keep a running tab. Eventually there will be too many to list, but for now it’s fun to see them adding up.

Her first molar is finally pretty much all the way out. Boy do those teeth take a long time to come in. We think the matching one on the other side is on its way to the surface now. Teething sucks, and molars are the worst. She doesn’t seem to be handling it very well…which is so very sad. At least we can usually tell what’s wrong so we can help ease the pain.

So there you have it, all the changes I can think of to date 🙂  There are a few health related posts that need to be written.  She’s doing just fine, we just go to the doctor a lot still.  Check back later…more to come!

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