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18 Month Assessment

August 18, 2010
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Yesterday Alexa had her 18 month appointment with the Infant Toddler Assessment Program people.  For once she performed most of her tricks there (ya know, instead of 2 days later!).  She spun in circles, tried to jump, played with blocks, and colored!  She also pointed out a bunch of images for the nurse (including an apple, airplane, car, cat, and dog…who knew she could tell the difference so well?).  The scores for this appointment were expected to be at least a 35 for her corrected age (15.5 months) and a 55 for her real age (almost 18 months).  She scored a 75!  They tell us this indicates that she’s doing so much better than expected.  I guess it means she’s “caught up”.  We still have 3 more sessions left with ITAP, but now they’re spaced 6 months apart (up until she’s 3 years old).  Also, she weighs in at 23lbs and is 31.5 inches tall.  Still teeny, but growing at the same rate as always so she’s perfect!

In other news, we had an appointment with the allergist last week.  Alexa’s eczema has been flaring up quite a bit lately and I wanted to have her tested completely.  Well the doctor performed the basic scratch test (20 different possible allergens!) on her back.  It was pretty horrible I won’t lie.  While I don’t think it hurt terribly (I got nicked in the process of trying to hold her and barely felt it) Alexa was scared and pissed off.  Then I couldn’t really hold her for 15 minutes while we waited for the reactions to take place.  She was so very angry at me…even started hitting me **heart breaks**.  After all that, the test came back inconclusive.  The only bumps that formed were from the 2 egg spots (whites and yolks), but they were barely raised.  The nurse didn’t want to call it, but the doctor wants to investigate further since I had told him I thought she broke out the first time she ate a bunch of eggs.  Also, since the milk test spot didn’t show up at all there’s a question as to if she has grown out of her diary allergy **fingers crossed**.  That leaves us with a blood-test, which needs to get done sometime this week.  Here’s to hoping nothing comes back and we can go back to feeding Alexa normal foods.  It would make life so much easier so send your good thoughts please ;D

Lastly, Alexa had an ear infection that lasted a few weeks.  When we had her pedi appointment last month one of her ears was inflamed.  She was put on a round of antibiotics and we were told to come back in 2 weeks.  Well the receptionist messed up the appointment date, so we ended up waiting 3 weeks.  Fully expecting her to be recovered, we were totally surprised to hear that now both ears were infected!  She had shown almost no signs, and had been getting a molar so we thought nothing of the slight fussiness.  Poor baby 😦  Well, another round of antibiotics (wider spectrum version this time) and another week between appointments.  When she was checked again things were looking better.  We could finally have her vaccinations done, phew!  Yesterday when the ITAP doc checked her out I mentioned the recent issues so she made sure to look at her ears very carefully.  Alexa is fully recovered, it’s been confirmed.  YAY!

So many doctor’s visits recently, and there are still more to come.  After the blood test is done, we’ll go back to the allergist for a follow-up 2 weeks later.  Then we have another regular Pedi appointment in Sept.  Looking forward to a clear fall when all that is said and done!

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