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August Milestones

September 4, 2010

August has been a busy month.  We’ve had many visits with friends and family, and my first weekend away from Alexa.  I had a conference to attend in NYC in the beginning of the month and Peter took over parenting duties, by himself, for 3 days!  I can honestly say that I missed my baby more than I’ve ever missed anyone in my life.  Awwww.  She did great though and had a ton of fun with her Dad.  There were visits to the sprinkler park, and a day spent with her great grandparents.

My mother came back to NJ in mid August and has been able to see her granddaughter play and grow over the past few weeks.  Peter and I even had our first date night in a long long while thanks to Grandma Judy.  Alexa is finally cool with being watched by someone other that her parents!  Maybe we’ll start going out more often now that we know she’s not going to flip out moments after we walk out the door.

Now down to the monthly list:

Holding hands – Alexa has started to lead us around by the hand.  She’ll take hold of one of our fingers and drag us around the house.  Even better still, she’s started to hold our hands when we walk around outside.

Playtime – She now hides when you tell her to, then jumps out and says BOO!  It’s adorable and hilarious that she still thinks that if she can’t see you, you can’t see her, lol.
I’m so excited that she’s also started to draw with crayons.  Well, scribble really, but coloring is fun regardless of what it is.  We need to make a trip to Ikea for a table and chairs for little miss to sit at.
Alexa has been jumping for months now, but she’s really getting air these days.  She’s getting so strong!  She’s also become quite skilled at walking backwards.

Words – While I won’t usually list the new words each month here (because they’re at the bottom of the page) I thought this one was worth mentioning and explaining.  Alexa can now say “elbow”.  She had started to point out the birthmark on her arm and saying it was an “owie”.  We kept correcting her and telling her what it really was while telling her it was on her elbow.  Well she apparently likes the way it sounds and says it ALL the time now!
While she doesn’t say her own name yet, she does know who she is. If you ask “where’s Alexa” she’ll point to her own chest!

Kisses – Her kisses are so sweet now.  She’ll pretty much run up to you if you make a kissy face and.  What’s even better is that now she makes the smacking noise along with her kisses.  She also wants her “owies” kissed and will hold the hurt body part up to you till you do it.  Always the giver, she’ll also kiss your “boo-boo’s” when asked.  Alexa is a really affectionate child and we couldn’t be happier about it!

Teething – Let’s get it straight.  It NEVER ends.  It sucks.  It keeps her awake at night when one is getting near the surface.  BLAH!  Alllll month long her right top molar as been growing in.  It didn’t break the surface till this week (which is really a Sept update).  Can I just say that I hate molars, and so does Alexa!  Slowest teether ever.

August went by so fast, but we’re terribly excited for fall.  Great outside play weather for an extremely active toddler!  YAY!

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