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Potty Practice – Round One

September 11, 2010

This weekend we were all set to start Alexa on our journey to Potty Training.

We’ve had the potty for a long while now, hoping to get her accustomed to being around it, sitting on it, playing with it.  She likes to sit down on the seat and play with her music table, using it as a chair.  She also adores shoving her toys down in the bowl, ha!  Her baby dolls are often given a pretend dip ;D

Alexa had exhibited most of the signs of readiness.  The only things we were missing were: a dry diaper for 2-4 hours (though sometimes she seems to hold it for 1-2 hours) and words for going to the bathroom. Most “experts” say that if you answer YES to most of the list, then you should give it a ago.

I decided to start yesterday (Friday) instead of today. I rolled up the rug, put down some blankets for Alexa to play on.  Put the waterproof mat on her high chair, and waited.

The day started off pretty good.  She had a few accidents on the floor, which was expected.  Then HOORAY she pee-peed in the potty!  Granted, she had been sitting there playing with her toys for about 10 minutes, so it’s not as if she knew she had to go and ran to the potty.  After that, a few more accidents (which she hates, she cries when she wets the floor and steps in it) and back into a diaper for nap-time.

After she woke it was lunch-time.  I should have put her on the potty before we started, because as soon as she had a bite of food she wet herself.  She was not happy AT ALL!  Apparently sitting in a wet diaper is much more comfortable than sitting in a wet high chair.  Opps.  I cleaned up and put her back on the potty…and then another hit.  Again, while she was already sitting there. More playtime, more accidents….though she’s stopped stepping in the puddles and backs up to walk around them **smart girl**

At this point, after watching her pee just about every 15 minutes, I gave up.  Not because I think it’s too much work…but because she should be able to hold it longer to really potty train.  Like I said before, she would only sometimes go 1-2 hours without a wet diaper. It would be just fine and dandy to leave Alexa pant-less while we’re at home, she would eventually get-it and use the potty as often as needed, but there’s no way we’d ever be able to do this outside of the house just yet.  I can’t imagine trying to find a bathroom every 15 minutes, HA!

We did learn something very important though.  We now know that Alexa is not afraid of the potty.  She knows what it’s for.  She would run to it after an accident, and even sat down on it after one of the last ones.  It was clicking!!

The experts say that toddlers are ready to potty train between 18-24 months.  This is when they’re muscle control is strong enough to hold in the pee to make it to a potty, and when they gain the ability to feel when they have to “go” to the bathroom.  As most of you know, Alexa is 18 months old on paper, but is really still just 16 months corrected.  Yes, we’re still dealing with the age difference from time to time.  That said, we’ll give it another shot once she’s reached 18 months corrected…so at the end of October or Beginning of November.

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  1. emily bilbrey permalink
    September 20, 2010 9:35 pm

    it sounds as though you’re already off to a great start! i bet when alexa is a couple of months older, she’ll take right to it. best of luck!! xoxo.


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