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September Updates

October 3, 2010

It’s that time again, time to go over the highlights from September.  It was a fairly calm and low-key month around here, though of course there were still some exciting developments with both Alexa and our family as a whole.

  • We signed Alexa up for her first Gymboree class.  She LOVES it!  It took a few sessions to warm her up, but now she truly seems to enjoy playing next to other kids her own age and playing on the equipment.
  • Since she’s been so good about being around other kids lately, I decided it was time to head back to the gym and give the nursery another go.  Low and behold, Alexa FINALLY enjoys playing away from me.  That’s right, I get to work out and she gets to play.  She doesn’t even run to me when I get back and would rather stay than go home.
  • Speaking of wanting stay places while she’s playing.  Alexa now says “No” when we ask her if she wants to go home.  Nope…she shakes her head and is quite clear that should would much prefer to stay where she is playing with her new friends and toys!
  • While we’re on the topic of words, Alexa has a few new things that she’s saying.  Along with “no”, she’s also repeats back “I know” and “I go” whenever we say it.  And without our prompting, she now says “Dada do” when she wants Peter to do something.  **heart melts**  All of her other words are sooooooooo much more clear now as well.  Now most other people can understand most of what she says.  Parents can always understand their children better because we learn their language…but it’s pretty cool when strangers can make out what they’re saying!
  • Alexa has taken a liking to STICKERS!  While she hates hates hates band-aides, she LOVES stickers.  She needs one for each hand and can amuse herself for an hour or so by just sticking them on herself over and over again.
  • A few weeks ago I decided to finally take the plunge and go back to school for my teaching certificate.  I had, 5 years ago, entered into a Master in Teaching program at Monmouth U.  I just didn’t feel right about the timing or the direction at the time, but still wanted to teach someday.  My BA is in Psychology…and had I pursued that in Graduate school I would have ended up teaching in a college setting.  Now that psychology is taught in H.S. it’s a perfect match!  I will be going for both a psych and social studies certification.  Classes started last weekend and if all goes as planned I’ll be in the classroom teaching next fall!
  • Last weekend we also helped in celebrating Grace’s 1st birthday.  Alexa was thrilled to wish her bestie a Happy Happy Happy Birthday.  She also couldn’t get enough of Grace’s grandmother’s hammock, ha!  The party was a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, and the birthday girl was a baby Alice.  Super cute!
  • Lastly, Alexa has taken to demanding cuddles to sleep.  She wants to be hugged while she drifts off.  It’s painfully sweet.  She’s also so much more affectionate while she’s awake.  Hugs, kisses, cuddles galore all day just about every day.  What a sweet little girl.
  • Oh almost forgot, we can FINALLY put Alexa’s hair up.  Ok, well I can finally put her hair up, LOL.  Yes, that’s right, she will sit still and allow me to fuss with her.  Pig tails are super duper cute!  I can’t wait till she’ll deal with hair clips again 🙂
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