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October Updates

November 2, 2010

October has been a busy month for Alexa.  She’s been learning all sorts of new tricks and become more aware of things happening around her.  We also had another round of visits with the whole family, play-dates with cousins and friends, and some amazing Fall activities!

  • We helped celebrate Cammie’s 4th birthday at the very beginning of the month.  Alexa had loads of fun playing with the toy car at the party.  Guess we know what our next outdoor purchase will be once the weather warms up again next spring.  She also couldn’t get enough of her big cousin.
  • One AMAZING event of the month is that Alexa is now sleeping in her crib again!  We decided to put it together one last time just to see.  Low and behold, she slept through the night!  While it’s not a nightly occurrence for her to sleep 10 hours straight, she does spend most of her day and night sleeps in the crib.  It’s made life so much easier.
  • We purchased a play table for Alexa.  She loves being able to sit and color for hours.  It’s her favorite place to sit when we’re in the family room.  She also likes to eat there, which helps now that she’s eating almost all finger foods.  She’s at the typical toddler stage of being too busy to eat so I’m thrilled we can just put food out for her to eat between playing with her toys.
  • Cousin Cammie has spent a few days over our house, and Alexa just loves her!  This is the first time we have ever seen Alexa play WITH another child, rather than just NEXT to them.  Cammie adores her cousin, who she calls “baby Alexa”.  It was totally adorable how much she wanted to take care of her little cousin, and how much Alexa followed her around like a shadow!
  • Aunt Theresa and Uncle Johann joined us on our trip to the pumpkin patch.  We partook in ALL of the activities on the farm (hay ride, pumpkin picking, FIRST horse ride, petting zoo, and a stroll through the corn maze).  Alexa had an amazing day!
  • I caved and let Alexa watch Sesame Street just to see if she would pay attention.  Up until now she’s shown almost zero interest in what’s playing on the TV.  Well…not anymore.  ELMO is her new favorite thing.  Yeah yeah yeah…it figures LOL!  It’s actually pretty cute, we’re even planning to buy her a potty training Elmo doll since we’re starting that back up in a week or so.  One downfall of having her actually care about the TV is that she now notices it when I pause or mute it.  She’ll scream UH OH UH OH and point to the screen until I “fix” it.  Might be time to stop watching it in front of her HAHA.
  • Not only does she notice everything we do, but she understands pretty much everything we say.  This has been the case for a while, but we see her react directly to every word we speak now.  It’s definitely time to start watching our mouths.  She repeats back at least one new word a day!  Just the other day she started saying “pancakes”.  Adorable!  Check the list at the bottom of the page for the updated word list.  It’s getting really long now so I’m not sure how much longer I’ll keep adding to it, but for now we’re trying to keep track.
  • This year we took Alexa out for her first real Halloween.  We dressed her up as our very own Sophie the Giraffe (since she lost 2 of the toy versions).  We invited all of our family members to come and watch her Trick or Treat for the first time.  While it was just a few houses, she loved it!  As an added bonus, we got to celebrate her Uncle Andrew’s birthday a day early as well.  Alexa totally digs him, and his ice cream cake!
  • Remember when I mentioned how slow of a teether Alexa was?  Well, she decided to make a liar out of me by getting FIVE this month!  They’re all still growing in, and they’re making her miserable, but hopefully we’ll get a break in the constant teething now that she’s more than caught up!
  • I almost forgot to mention, but Alexa is now walking up and down the stairs like an “almost” big girl!  She can walk up without our help if she goes sideways holding onto the railing, or she holds our hands and walks up one step at a time.  She also goes down by holding our hand on one side and the railing on the other.  She’s getting really good at it, and sometimes barely feels like she needs our hands there at all!

I still can’t believe how fast time is going by.  Alexa is 20 months old now, and in just under 4 months she’ll be TWO!  I hope you’re all enjoying the monthly updates.  They will continue until she’s at least 2 since things change so much every few weeks for beginner toddlers.

Please check out all the new Flickr sets that were added this month:

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  1. November 3, 2010 8:05 am

    FIVE TEETH? you have my sympathy. and my jealousy.

    • November 3, 2010 9:45 am

      It’s been a pretty horrible month I won’t lie, but I’m happy they’re all almost through…so hopefully we’ll get a break and she’ll learn to sleep again soon! How’s Jude doing with his teeth?

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