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Alexa’s 1st Hair Cut!

December 9, 2010

After almost two years (21 months and change actually) Alexa was FINALLY due for her first real hair cut. Sure, I had trimmed off some of the weird strands when her hair started to fall out on the sides last summer, but this time she needed a proper style.

Her hair had started to get really stringy since the top of her hair had far outgrown the underside. I would have waited even longer, but in the last month she’s started to refuse pony tails of any sort. You all know she hasn’t let me put a clip in her hair for ages! It’s too bad too, since we have a multitude of painfully cute clips **sobs**

I was a little worried that she would have a fit during the cut since she HATES being fussed with. Even combing her hair out after a bath is a battle these days. To my surprise she sat still and even seemed to enjoy the attention. It didn’t hurt that the “chair” was a chu chu train and I came armed with many many MANY stickers!

The stylist did cut a little bit more off than I had anticipated (about 4 inches is my guess) but now it’s all one length. No more weird underside layers to deal with in the future. Alexa also got some cute wispy little bangs. I asked for them since I was tired of scraping food out of her hair since it always hangs in her face when she eats.

She looks like a different person now, almost like a grown up little girl instead of a psuedo-toddler/baby.

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  1. December 9, 2010 9:18 pm


  2. emily bilbrey permalink
    December 10, 2010 12:08 am

    she looks absolutely PERFECT! such a lovely little lady. the style suits her really well and i love that you get 3 bang styles in one! she’s a beauty. happy first haircut, alexa!!! (:


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