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Alexa’s 2nd Brithday – Planning

January 8, 2011

Ahhhh it all happened so fast!  This past year has whipped by in a frenzy of developmental milestones and personality growth.  Alexa is officially her own person with her VERY own temperament.  She likes what she likes, and that’s that.  In a month and a half our little girl will be TWO!  It’s almost unthinkable that our full blow child was ever the teeny tiny preemie we met just 22 months ago.

Now that Alexa is able to voice her opinion on what wants (sometimes) we’ve decided to give her a party to suit her tastes.  The theme will be revealed once the invites are out (sorry for the suspense, but it’s more fun that way, no?).

We’ve started the planning stages, which means invites will be ordered in the next week so they can go out asap.  The party will be held the weekend after Alexa’s official birthday (Saturday Feb. 26th) in case anyone wants to block off time now.  Alexa’s paternal grandparents (ông nội – Grandpa – Linh, bà nội – Grandma – Kim) have so graciously allowed us to hold the party, yet again, in their home.  So those of you at either the shower or the 1st birthday already know where to go.

Now I’m off to spend all of our hard-earned money (hahah JK!) on decorations and birthday girl accessories 🙂


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