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December Updates

January 8, 2011

Yeah yeah yeah, it’s a week late, sue me HA!

At the beginning of this month Alexa started letting us read to her from REAL books.  She no longer rips and tears through the pages but flips through them like a little person.  Now she can’t get enough, and demands “READ READ!” all day.  We’re so happy to finally be able to use all the books everyone so lovingly gifted to us over the past 2 years.

She has learned to start taking her clothes off, as pictured here.  HAHA, so far it’s only her shirts, but time will only tell if she starts to strip naked and run about.  Hopefully she’ll wait till it’s warmer out since our house is a wee bit chilly these days.

I had another bout of furniture arrangement issues trying to make room for all of Alexa’s stuff in her play-space.  We were on the hunt for a new couch (since purchased) so we could get rid of the huge sectional (needs to be sold).  Alexa is thrilled to have more room to run around though!

This month she also became a coloring addict.  “COLOR COLOR” is shouted out with great enthusiasm throughout the day.  She wants us to color most of the time, but has really started to scribble her little heart out.  We can’t wait till she starts drawing things we can actually recognize, HA.

I have needed a little more time to myself lately due to the workload of my classes, so we finally made use of the on site daycare at Peter’s office.  It was her first time with strangers and she did amazingly well.  There are no napping or eating problems there which was a huge relief.  It makes us more confident that next years transition to full-time daycare/preschool will be a fairly easy one.  She LOVES to play with other kids, especially older ones.

Alexa is now strangely fond of putting things on her head – pictures here.  We went from a time where “hat” was a four-letter word to her, and now she always wants to pull her hood up, put on her hat, or tie a scarf around her head.  She still won’t let me put clips in her hair, but maybe someday soon we’ll be able to use all the cute barrettes we’ve procured.

Since you all know about the hair clip issues, and now the aversion to having pony or pig tails put in her hair, we were forced to go in for her first hair cut.  You can read more about it here if you missed it the first time.

We tried to have Santa pictures taken again this year.  As you know, last year was a breezed.  This year?  Not so much.  Pretty much a big FAIL, haha.  She was happy to wait in line and watch the other kiddies have their picture taken, but once it came to be her turn she clung to me like a little monkey and would NOT let go.  Peter tried again a couple of weeks later at his holiday office party, and again, a no go.  For a while she would back away at the mere mention of Santa, but now has seem to warm up to the idea.  We’re hoping for better luck in 2011.

The house was decorated a bit for Christmas and we feared she would wreak havoc on the glass balls, but she was very gentle.  She was enamored with them, and still is (yes, it’s still up, I’ve been busy!) .  Maybe next year we’ll have to do an all paper crafty xmas decor, but maybe not 🙂

Little miss had her first use of chopsticks!  It all started with Peter’s parents’ birthday.  We went out of Hibachi and Alexa loved the show.  So a few days later I had the taste for it again and the waitress gave Alexa some kiddie chopsticks (regular ones with the paper and rubber-band used to keep them together).  She kinda sorta got it, and shoveled her beloved fried rice into her mouth!

Alexa now tells us “bye bye” when we put her to bed, and sleeps through the night almost all the time.  This is painfully cute and super useful.  When she’s placed into her crib we take inventory of her bed-time toys and blanket.  When she’s been assured that everything is there she tells us to go away in the sweetest way possible – bye bye 🙂  I always wait for her to say it, and she almost always sleeps well on the nights she says it without prompting.

We celebrated Christmas with both of our families and it was lovely.  You can read about it here.  Sadly, everyone in the house caught the bug that was going around.  Alexa had actually been coughing a bit for a few days by now, but Peter was pretty sick the day of and slept most of xmas day.  Alexa stayed sickish for a full week and finally passed it on to me, what joy.  Share and share alike eh?  Thankfully we were all better by the new year.

During the week between Christmas and NYE we had a huge snowstorm and Alexa got to break in her new snow suit (a lovely gift from her grandparents – pictures here).  She was somewhat trepedatious at first, but seemed to enjoy it eventually.  She yells “NOOO” but means snow, LOL.  We’ll be bringing her out more and more as the season progresses (waiting on some proper snow boots as we speak, though we still need some mittens).

In some wonderful news, I aced my 2 classes.  Not that anyone expected any less, but it was a lovely form of validation after 5 years of being out of school.  The spring will bring with it more classes and more grades, but I’m back in the swing of things so it’s all good.

Alexa is talking a ton!  If you’ve noticed the bottom of the page now has phrases instead of words.  I’ll try to keep up on adding to it, but some days she’s fond of one phrase and never says it again.  She’s also taken to actually saying people’s names.  She calls my father Papa, knows how to say Noi (part of the word in Vietnamese for Grandma or Grandpa).  She can also say Grandma and Theresa.  Something else that’s super cute is she calls herself “you”.  When she sees a picture of herself she points to her chest and proclaims “you!”.  It’s because I’m always saying “it’s you Alexa” when I show her photos.  Pronouns are hard, I’m not really sure how to make her get the connection between herself and “me”.

We did seem to trade one issue for another though, while sleep is pretty good lately…she no longer wants to be fed.  Yeah, she was still eating about half of her meals in the pureed form.  Even yogurt, once a huge hit seems to be a no go when it comes from our hands.  She’ll eat fine for others, but from Peter or me…NOPE!  We’re trying to introduce more “bite sized” options, but my goodness she’s the slowest self-feeder out there, HA!  She loves her oranges, will eat a whole banana if you hold it for her, and eats about half of my sandwiches when I’m trying to feed myself…but when you cut it up and sit it in front of her she’s uninterested.  Weird baby.

For those of you who use the links in the sidebars, you’ll notice I added a new section.  It’s call “currents” and it’s basically just a list of things Alexa likes and her current sizes.  It’s meant to be there in case anyone is in the mood to buy her things, LOL.  With her birthday coming up I’m omitting the use of a wish-list and just letting people run with their own ideas.  We are asking that no more toys be brought in, and to some extent books.  We have SOOOOOOOOOOO many that we have a bin of toys that she’s never played with waiting to be tagged back into rotation.  I like the idea of rotating some things, but we really don’t have the storage for many more.  With books, I’m going to start bringing Alexa to story time at the local library and want to start getting her used to “borrowing” books from there.  Hopefully we’ll create a reading lover without having to buy (and store) a million books.

Thanks again for following along on our life as parents and Alexa’s evolution!!!!!

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