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Happy Birthday Baby!

February 27, 2011

Alexa is officially two!  I can’t believe we have a child (no longer a baby) who can count to her own age!  The past year has whipped past in a flash.  It seems like just a few months ago I was writing about her 1st birthday.  It’s amazing how much has changed.  Our little girl is growing up to be an amazing little kid.

This year, like last, we celebrated the actual day of her birth with a trip to the photo studio for a morning session.  There were so many good shots, and we will have the prints in a few days.  I know you can’t wait to see them, I promise they will be loaded to our Flickr site post haste!  Alexa had a wonderful afternoon with Peter (unfortunately I had to go to school).  She had a trip to the park and to the McDonald’s Play Place.

Our theme for her 2nd birthday was Rainbows!!  The party was this past Saturday and it was a huge success.  Peter’s parents once again went above and beyond by letting us use their home for the event.  Ba Noi (Grandma Kim) cooked a ton of delicious food, people can’t stop raving about it all!  Aunt Theresa, Uncle Johann, and Uncle Andrew helped us decorate the whole place.  Everyone worked their fingers to the bone getting the balloon arch up!  Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the help, we couldn’t have done it without you ❤

In case you didn’t make it out for the party, I’ll give you some of the details.  The theme started out with an idea to copy this rainbow cake.  After Alexa began her obsession with coloring and crayons, we knew it was a perfect fit!  I scoured the internet for rainbow inspired items and found some of the most amazing items I could have ever imagined.  The ROYGBIV invitations started the fun, Alexa’s rainbow dress was the centerpiece, the balloon arch was the backdrop, and the rainbow cake was the cherry on top!

Alexa is the luckiest person I know.  People came from far and wide to celebrate her special day.  We can’t believe the turnout year after year.  Peter and I are eternally grateful for the continued support and love.  Once again your generosity cannot be matched, as Alexa was the recipient of the most amazing gifts.  We love you all and thank you for always being there with our little family!

As always, there’s a Flickr set for this event 🙂  Check out the photos here!
Because I can’t resist, there was also another program for the day – view it here

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  1. emily bilbrey permalink
    February 28, 2011 1:53 am

    so completely lovely! thrilled for you that it was a happy day, perfect for celebrating that BEAUTIFUL little soul. a very happy second birthday to sweet alexa! much love to you all. XOXOXOXO!!!


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