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March Updates

April 1, 2011

We wrapped up winter with another amazing month. While the first full month with a real live two year old was a little trying at times (heh) it’s pretty cool watching Alexa grow up. She changes daily, bigger words, longer sentences, more awareness and interest in the world around her. I know parents have been doing this forever, but it feels extraordinary to us.

Alexa has been counting and saying some ABC’s for a while now, but she now counts all the way to 10 (still leaving out the 5, she knows it’s there but seems to dislike it, little weirdo) and says about 2/3’s of the alphabet.  She’ll get down and boogie for ages to her ABC fridge toy!  So so cute.

She also sings Happy Birthday, kinda sorta.  Ever since a week or so after her own birthday she’s been obsessed with birthday cake.  She starts to sing the song every time she sees a cake-like item or image.  Does the same for candles.  We have had so many birthdays this month she’s had lots of practice (though she hasn’t said right to her birthday boy or girl yet).

Alexa’s two year doctor’s visit when perfectly.  She’s growing up so big.  We now get to weigh her on a standing scale instead of the little one she sat on.  By her next visit we should be able to measure her height (standing up) instead of her length (laying down)!

I’ve also, finally, started to let Alexa really truly eat on her own…with a spoon.  I really have no choice in the matter as she wants to do EVERYTHING herself.  Meals are now a lot messier and a lot longer.  She’s a slow eater, but she gets it.  Spoon gets dipped…food gets eaten 🙂  The other day she ate a whole carton of yogurt by herself.  She’s even started to drink her milk out of a cup with a straw.  I do need to get some lidded cups so she can hold it herself.

We started a new class this month.  Alexa has had her first craft class.  While she’s done some crafty things at daycare when she goes to work with Peter, I wanted take part too!  We enrolled in the county parks department class.  She loves it.  It’s a little bit like Gymboree, a little bit like story time, and a little bit of crafty goodness.  Alexa now loves to finger paint and smear tinted shaving cream all over the table.  Thank goodness for wipeable surfaces!

Alexa spent her first full day with Ba Noi (grandma) on Wednesday.  Everything went perfectly.  She ate like a champ, played hard at the park, and napped for 2 hours in her pack&play.  It was the first time we’ve had her sleep at someone else’s house without us there, and first time in the pack&play.  She sleeps fine at daycare so we weren’t too worried, but were relieved when she did it!  Thank you again to Peter’s mother for helping out in a pinch.

The reason I needed help with her was because I had many many many jobs to apply for.  It’s hiring time in the teaching world (well job posting time anyway).  I still have a few more apps to put in, but there were enough that I’m hopeful.  My class is almost complete and I will have a lot more free time.  I took my teaching exam (the Praxis II in Social Studies), so that’s over!  I’m still awaiting the scores but hopefully I won’t have to deal with it again **fingers crossed**

In some other news, I’ve deleted my Facebook account.  I wanted to be less searchable online for the job search so it’s gone (for now?).  I did, however, create a fan page for the blog – Click here and like it – so people don’t have to miss out on updates about this site and photos.  So, if you want to keep in touch at all on Facebook, like our fan page!


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  1. April 13, 2011 11:38 am

    She is totally adorable. Uhm, may I go with Alexa to Ba Noi and get my eat on?

    • April 13, 2011 11:40 am

      Peter’s mother loves to feed people so I’m sure you’d be welcome at the table 🙂

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