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April 24, 2011

Pop Pop and Grandma had one last birthday present for Alexa…a trip to see Elmo Live!  New t-shirts and dolls were purchased for the trip.  Last Thursday Peter and Pop Pop took the day off from work to take her to the theater (I went too, but I was on the job LOL).  We drove into New Brunswick and visited the State Theater.

There were SOOOO many toddlers in one place.  It was loud and overwhelming, but Alexa did great for most of the show.  She sang along to the songs, watched each character like a hawk and demanded to know where they went when they exited the stage.  The show was great and the dancers were amazingly talented.

We made it to intermission before we had any major issues.  THEN…dun dun dun…came the BALLOONS.  They come out with bunches of hundreds of Elmo face balloons.  Alexa went batty.  Of course she got one, though I would’ve preferred to wait till after the show to collect ours.  Ah and learn, next time we do a show we hide her for the WHOLE intermission time 🙂

We hadn’t planned it this way, but our day started much earlier than normal.  That meant Alexa was hungry off schedule and tired much sooner than expected.  We made it through almost the entire show before she decided she couldn’t sit still any longer.  Over an hour in one place for a 2-year-old?  Pretty darn good!

All in all it was a good day.  Alexa saw her favorite little red guy and all of his Sesame Street friends 🙂  Now we’re planning on going to see Barney’s show in June 🙂

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