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Easter 2011

April 30, 2011

Easter this year was celebrated with gusto.  We did some prep-work with the Easter Bunny at Freehold mall the week before.  Alexa was a fan from afar, but none-too-thrilled to sit on Mr. Bunny’s lap.  I did my own prep and collected her Easter basket goodies far ahead of time!  I couldn’t wait to make up her basket.

Easter morning Peter took Alexa upstairs for a distraction and I set out her basket.  She saw it and her brand new Hello Kitty “Bunny” as she walked down the stairs.  It was love at first sight.  The mini M&M’s in the plastic eggs were an even better hit.  Yup, I let my daughter have chocolate for breakfast!

I bought a dress special for the day and couldn’t wait to see her in it.  We took so many beautiful photos as soon as she was dressed.  It was a white dress after all and I wanted to make sure I got shots of it before she rolled around in the dirt LOL!  Look at all the EASTER PHOTOS HERE.

Later in the morning we headed off to our Unitarian Universalist congregation’s Spring Celebration.  Alexa got to experience her very first Egg Hunt and the Easter Bunny made a special appearance!  She found her eggs in record time and even helped another little boy find his.  Super sweet.  She picked out and collected her goodie bag and we made our way back home for nap time.

That afternoon we made a special trip to Peter’s family’s church for their Youth Group Easter Celebration.  Alexa was greeted by everyone and fawned over like crazy 🙂 We hung out in the church basement for a while waiting to get things set up.  Once all the eggs were “hidden” we went upstairs and watched all the kiddies scramble for their candy filled treats!  Alexa had a little (HA A LOT) of help from Theresa and Ba Noi!  Once the kids were finished playing we headed home for some long needed rest.

The day was perfect and the weather couldn’t have been nicer.  Alexa had a ton of fun and we’re thrilled to have been able to give her many chances to enjoy the holiday.  I’m already thinking of an Easter Egg hunt here in the back yard next year with our friends and family 🙂

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