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Summer Garden

July 28, 2011

Almost Ready To EatThis spring Peter and I decided to grow a garden.  We thought Alexa would get a kick out of digging in the dirt, and I wanted to see if I could keep anything alive.

We took a patch of land that used to house our decrepit old shed.  It had been torn down but the land underneath was a mess.  We had a family friend graciously offer to build us some planter beds.  The beds were placed in their home and leveled.  They were back-filled with topsoil and compost.  The surrounding area was covered with weed blocking cloth and mulch.  It’s pretty!

I’m a KNOWN plant murderer!  I give plants back to the givers so I don’t kill them.  My father has my last year’s birthday gift (a lovely tree) because I was doing it mortal harm.

So this was a test.  A test I seem to be passing.  Nothing has really died (though the Thyme isn’t doing great).  My tomatoes are thriving even though they don’t have the best light.  We will move them next year if they live through the winter (or if I can get seedlings to come up from their seeds).  The strawberries haven’t produced anything worth eating, but I’ve heard often you get nothing your first year, so yay for progress!  Oh, and have I mentioned the ridiculously large zucchini?  Not a clue what to do with it other than take its picture.

Yesterday I cut up and shared the first tomato (pictured above) with my mother.  Mmmmmm Jersey Beefsteak on a BLT.  There are about 20 more green ones waiting to meet the same fate.

Next year I want to move some things around and possibly give corn a shot.  We have more than enough lawn to play with, I just have to break out my Plant Smart Monitor (a Mother’s Day gift from Peter) and figure out where to plant the next crop 🙂

Click on over and look at the Garden Set on Flickr!

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