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Summer Updates

August 17, 2011

Maybe I should start doing quarterly updates since it’s quite clear that I’m no longer doing monthly ones (at least for Alexa’s milestones and whatnot).  The thing is, the changes aren’t as apparent on a daily/weekly/monthly basis anymore.  Basically all of a sudden I’ll stop and realize “WOW she knows how to do THAT now!?!”.  Most of the time we’re too busy doing to sit down and write about it, but I’ll try to be better about keep everyone updated (outside of FB) once in a while.

This summer has been filled with activities and new experiences.  We used some of her birthday money to sign her up for a few sessions of swim lessons.  She really seemed to enjoy it once she got used to it.  It’s something we’ll definitely think about doing again next year.  She also got her fill of the Spray Grounds at Doorbrook (which happens to be next to her swim lesson pool).  I’m thrilled I bought a bunch of bathing suits this year, she used them often!

As always Alexa loves to make new friends at the parks.  Every time she goes she meets another little kid and they become instant pals.  Its precious to watch 2 toddler girls hold hands and run around a playground.

We’ve also gotten out to our local library branch for lots of story times and sing-a-longs, and just to play in the toddler area and get new books.  Alexa has become a veracious reader this summer and now knows many of her stories by heart.  Just recently she started to sit down with books and open to the first page while reciting “once upon a time”, super cute!

On the random knowledge front she knows every color we hold up in front of her, though not the specific shade names, HA.  She LOVES to color in her many coloring books, and can’t get enough of watching us draw things for her on her magnadoodle.  I think she’s going to need a new one soon, as the current one is wearing out a bit after so much play.

She knows the words to almost all the kiddie songs I know, and some to ones I don’t even remember.  She often sings herself to sleep, and will ask you to sing with her for hours if you should allow.  The ABC’s are one of her all time favorites, and she knows that one word for word (well letter for letter).  She can even point out a few letters these days.  ‘A’ and ‘E’ seem to be her current faves.

Alexa had her first trip to Sesame Place and can’t stop singing the theme song to Sesame St.  She still adores Elmo.  We’ll be going back sometime in September since we purchased the 2 day pass.  Maybe this time we’ll get a chance to hit up the Please Touch Museum in Philly.

Our little girl is growing like a weed and seems to have skipped over the size 6 shoe.  Her sandals are all 6’s, but they fit because they’re open.  Her sneakers and dress shoes that I bought in that size, NOPE, never going to wear them **sobs**  OH well, there are plenty more shoes out there to be worn 🙂  She’s also growing out of some of her 2T clothes.  It depends on the brand, but some are just not right.  I guess I’ll be buying 3T stuff from now on, even though most of it is a little too big.  She’ll grow into it!

Alexa still won’t let us put her hair up, though there have been a few times where she’s let me only to rip it out minutes later.  She’s started to play with hair clips again.  She’ll only leave them in for a few minutes, but it’s progress.  We have a whole basket of hair bands and other girlie goodies that she loves to play with, so the dress-up bin will most likely be much of what we focus on for Christmas!  OH, and sunglasses, oh my god does she love sunglasses!  I’m thrilled, it made this summer much easier to deal with since it’s been super bright out there.

Since she’s gotten so big and has been out of her crib (and in a floor bed) for months and months we’ve picked out her “big girl” room furniture.  That will be happening soon.  We want to make her room special for her before the new baby comes so she feels like she has a space to escape to if she wants to.

Last but not least she’s started to love Mickey Mouse.  I brought her Mickey ears out to play with a few months ago and she can’t get enough of that mouse.  I’m not really sure how it happened since she’s never seen a show or movie with him in it, but I guess it’s engrained into the American DNA HAHAH!  Since we went to Disney when I was pregnant with Alexa we are planning another trip (most likely a Disney Cruise) to see Mr. Mouse this Fall while I’m pregnant with the 2nd.  Of course the 1st will be on the outside this time and get to meet all the Characters!


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