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New Baby Needs

August 18, 2011

We’re planning on keeping this baby in our room for a long while so there won’t be a huge office to nursery conversion anytime soon.  Alexa’s room will remain her own space for the time being as well.  Basically we’ll take a corner of the master bedroom and make it into a baby fort!  That means we won’t need all of those decorative touches we obsessed over last time but didn’t use until Alexa was over a year old.  I wasn’t kidding when I posted a picture of the cat saying it was his room more than hers!

Anyway, a new baby doesn’t really *need* much, but I did go through one of those “baby registry checklists” and realized we have just about everything we need other than the big stuff we’ll borrow (since I sold all of ours).  I’ve compiled a list of the things we plan to borrow from friends or try to find from the consignment sales coming up.

  • Highchair which we won’t need for the first few months, but my good friend Melissa has offered hers and it reclines so we may take it just so the baby can sit with us at the dinner table.
  • Bassinet/co-sleeper – I don’t want the baby in the bed again full time, so we’ll try this again LOL
  • Swing – This was the one thing that calmed Alexa other than our arms (and the yoga ball bounce) so we’ll take the lovely Ty up on her offer to use her baby Vegas 😀
  • Bumbo – another thing we won’t need right away, but it’s small enough to grab and store
  • Newborn clothes since I donated all of the onsies and whatnot to the NICU.
  • Another Boppy since Alexa is still attached to hers
  • Changing pad/cover – sold ours since I really thought we’d never do this again
  • Crib bedding, Alexa’s old sheets are done for
  • We still have a convertable car-seat from Alexa, but will most likely want/need an infant seat for the first few months
  • Some sort of baby wearing/carrying device.  I sold all of mine, and this time I’d really like to try the Ergo.  Fingers crossed I can find a used one!

Basically the only new things we’ll buy will be:

  • Newborn diapers since I won’t be buying cloth diapers in the XS small size this time (we have a bunch of the one-size diapers from Alexa).
  • New bottles and accessories (will still breastfeed, but just in case we’ll get a few…we can always return)
  • Double stroller – Alexa still likes to ride…and I like to push her

I’m so relieved after making up this list!  It means that any baby shower (or sprinkle) thrown can really focus on celebrating this new life, supporting our growing family, and of course….THE FOOD!

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  1. Graces Mom permalink
    August 18, 2011 7:33 am

    I have a separate bassinet if you want. It’s not a cosleeper.

    • August 18, 2011 7:44 am

      Ty, yours was a fancy one that like vibrated right? I’m happy to use any and all offers for that first bed since it gets used for such a short period of time 🙂 Thank you ❤


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