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Preschool At Home

September 11, 2011

Since the school year here in NJ has just started, I’ve been thinking more and more about Alexa’s future schooling needs.  We’re fairly certain we’ll send her to Pre-K the year before Kindergarten.  Now that most Kindergartens are full day it’s become a much more academic atmosphere.  I think a year in Pre-K is now more like what K used to be.  And K is now what 1st grade used to be.  Kids are expected to come in with more knowledge and will leave with ever-expanding abilities.

It would be awesome if we could afford to send Alexa to part-time Preschool now, but that’s not in the cards this fall.  Maybe next year.  For the time being I’m going to flex my *teaching muscles* and put the last year of schooling to work, HA!  I’m planning a school year curriculum for us to follow at home.  That’s right a little homeschooling for my wee one.

We’re going to start with the alphabet.  A letter a week.  Sound simple enough.  Basically I’ll come up with vocabulary words that start with the week’s letter and focus on one or two a day.  I want Alexa to be able to point out each individual letter and know that different sounds come from different letters…and possibly learn to write each one.  There will be books for each day’s theme, coloring pages, crafts, and outdoor activities/field trips.

I’m going to create an area on the right sidebar where all of the lesson plans will live, just in case anyone is interested in ideas I’ve gathered.  I really hope Alexa likes this and I’m excited to have some structured activity.


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