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Preschool Setup

September 25, 2011

So far I’m really enjoying having this bit of structure in our day.  It makes the mornings go by super fast and keeps Alexa from asking for “TV on” as soon as we come downstairs for breakfast.  Our first week wasn’t perfect, but it was definitely a success.

For next week I adjusted the schedule a bit to leave room for some other planned and unplanned activities. Currently we have a weekly Toddler Hiking program through the county that takes up the better part of the morning. When that ends we’ll most likely change back over to a weekly Library day to break up the week. Alexa won’t go to school on those days…she’ll play with the other kids and learn from nature (and will learn from reading play). I’m looking into some other local park activities to do as a family over the weekends. Peter is very interested in this process so I want him to have some time with Alexa to teach his stuff 🙂

I’ve also changed up the lesson plan to just list topics rather than days and topics. We couldn’t adhere to the original plan due to weather, so now we’ll have a list of options at any given day rather than a set schedule. This week I tried to make sure there were at least 2 lessons to choose from each day in case it rained. I think from now on I’ll make up the whole week’s worth of lessons and activities so we can change the topics at will.

Some things I’ve learned NOT to do:

  1. Don’t show videos midway through the lesson. Toddler WILL meltdown when you shut down computer or TV.
  2. Don’t set up too many interesting activities before breakfast. Toddler WILL NOT eat enough and WILL have a hungry tantrum an hour or so late.
  3. Don’t show toddler the basket of fun activity packs before you intend to start playing. Toddler will freak because she can’t play with the pom poms at this very second. If you do let her see the fun stuff first, just DO the fun stuff first. This is supposed to be FUN FOR ALL!

Some things I want to bring in for future “anytime” use:

  1. Puzzles – lacing, threading, stacking, locking, tying puzzles – like the ones here
  2. Activity packs aka busy bags
  3. Sensory boxes
  4. MUSIC!  I need to download songs to go with our themes.

I still have a lot of work to do setting up the room in a way that will fit our needs and will stay organized. Some items I have on our list to set up soon are:

  1. Chalkboard and/or whiteboard
  2. Art display space
  3. Over-sized wall calendar
  4. Wall shelves to store supplies out of toddler reach

I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again….this project is not only for Alexa.  This is for me too!  I’m loving the planning and organizing portions.  I’m also getting to flex my teaching muscles.  I did just spend the last year in school getting ready to go back to work as a teacher, so it’s not going to waste!

Thanks again for following along.  I’ll post another recap next week of B’s!  I’ve also linked up the latest lesson plan.

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