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Week of C

October 10, 2011

We live in a very colorful home, so there was so doubt letter C week would kick off with COLORS.  This was a really fun week.  I tried to incorporate other mediums into the mix by cooking (snuck another C in there) something that started with our letter.  CUPCAKES it was!  We also took our lunch outside to the ground for a picnic so we could enjoy some cloud gazing (see Facebook album).  I think the highlight of the week was Alexa’s second all time ever run through the carwash.  There are only a few around here that let you stay in the car, and she loved it!

We’re starting to get better at calling out all the C words around us, even if they’re not part of the day’s theme.  One difficulty we had this week was that C’s sound like S’s and K’s, and most of the words we worked with had the hard *K* sound that didn’t really flow – Ka Ka Ceee?  See?  I’ll have to study up on how to deal with that problem as there are other letters with the same issue.  I can see it now – *I* and eye are going to screw her up LOL ;D

As always, take a peak at the week’s photos updated on Flickr!

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