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October 26, 2011

I’ve always been the type of person that loves [my own version of] housework.  When I was a child I would sit for hours in a torn apart room rearranging every.last.thing. I owned.  My mother taught me to read by lableing baskets for my toys, so I guess I started the sorting process young!  I just love how things look and feel when they’re in their designated homes.

When I was a bit older (and stronger) I started moving furniture around my own room, the living room, and then I started switching bedrooms back and forth with my brother.  My poor family!  Though of course they benefitted from the newly cleaned and organized spaces, they had no idea I was doing it until they came home and tripped over the newly placed couch…or my brother came home and went to the wrong room.  They all got used to it eventually!

The idea of “playing house” fascinated me when I was in college. I loved spending entire days cleaning from top to bottom.  A day alone in an empty house was cleaning day, and it was one I really enjoyed.  When everything was done (and I was a sweaty mess) I could sit back and bask in the shine of my space.  I was proud of a job well done, as well I should be.  I even got a kick out of grocery shopping and making dinner that night.

I still have the organizing and furniture moving bug.  Aks Peter!  He knows all to well since I ask him to help me.  Even though I still love a clean and organized house, I somehow forgot how happy it makes me to be the one doing it.  After having Alexa I sort of let things slide.  I convinced myself that I was too busy with everything else to keep up with the domestic duties I enjoyed when I didn’t HAVE to do them.  Most of you know that I had a Professional Organizing business before we started a family, what you don’t know is that I only really stopped doing it because I felt like a fraud and couldn’t keep up with the business side of things due to my own disorganization.  How could I sort out someone else’s life when I couldn’t keep mine straight?

Lately things have been coming back to me.  Last Spring I started couponing [will write about that in detail later] and that has helped me with meal planning and structure.  Over the summer everything went out with window with my first trimester (well I kept up with the food shopping savings) but now I’m back on track.  We have our homeschooling projects and planning that keep my brain working, I have my couponing work to do every week that keeps us from overspending, I’ve started to cook dinner again (since I can stomach food smells) and I’m kind of enjoying it again.  My laundry routine has changed and is making it easier to get things clean, dry, folded, and put away all in the same day HAHAHAHAHA… load at a time.  My ability to move around without feeling sick is letting me keep things neat and clean.

All in all I feel better about my job here at home.  I wanted to stay home with Alexa and I want to stay home with her sister.  I think I was resisting the duties that comes along with being the person here at home, especially with Peter working longer hours to pay for it all ;D  I don’t believe that it’s the woman’s role to do it all, but I chose this for many reasons and I want to be happy in doing it.  That means accepting that the house is my job because Peter works all day and then comes home eager and willing to play with Alexa until bedtime (he’s not so eager to sweep or dust).  I guess we need to accept where our talents lay LOL!  I also need to remember these duties that I begrudge from time to time used to bring me great joy when I didn’t HAVE to do them.

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  1. Taina permalink
    October 26, 2011 10:51 am

    Good lord I wish I had your outlook on cleaning. While I certainly enjoy the cooking aspect of being a SAHM I find myself so overwhelmed with the cleaning aspects that the mess gets out of control so quickly. I think that’s why I like having play dates at your house because your home is not only open and airy but it’s such a breath of fresh air to be somewhere so clean and organized. I don’t know what you’re talking about in regards to letting things slide during your first trimester because I never noticed a thing out of place when I came over. You are an incredible Mom and so much better at the domestic cleaning stuff than I am. I hope to pick up cues from you along the way. You are certainly my role model in this aspect. 🙂

    • October 26, 2011 11:31 am

      Well Ty you’re absolutely my role model with regards to cooking. I remember you telling me that was how you showed love and care for your family. I guess my cleaning and organizing have always been my version of that love (since I did it for everyone, even friends would ask me to come and help them sort out their closets…it’s how the business started!). I wish I loved cooking that much. I get so bored with the recipes I’ve mastered, but I don’t feel confident in trying new things these days. I used to make a new dish every weekend when I was single. I’m not sure why that stopped, it’s not like Peter is that picky, or Alexa even eats what I make yet.

      BTW, you know how to make a friend feel better! Trust me, I cleaned before I had visitors….that I’ve always done no matter how crappy I felt, HA! That said, my version of messy and/or dirty is different from others. I know I’m kinda OCD at times! It does help that we have plenty of storage (aka hiding places). I can easily box things up and put them out of site if I don’t want to deal with getting rid of them or looking at them anymore. That and I’m pretty ruthless about getting rid of things we don’t use. Do you know how much furniture I’ve given away? I should stop that, because sometimes I do find a use for it when it’s too late 😛

  2. MOM permalink
    November 1, 2011 5:54 pm

    I am so proud of the great job that you are doing being a mom, just wish i’d known that you might someday be one since you always said never would you be. maybe I would have thought harder about moving so far away. I’m just so thankful that I have been able to connect with you and Alexa and Peter as much as I have. I love you all very much and can’t wait to welcome this new baby. Maybe something will work out so i can move closer, I sure hope so, I’m getting to old for the long drive to ALabama.

    • November 9, 2011 4:15 pm

      Thanks mom….I didn’t know I wanted any kids till, well till I did.

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