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A Very Etsy Halloween

November 1, 2011

This year Alexa told me she wanted to be a butterfly for Halloween.  More specifically a PURPLE butterfly.  I scoured the internet for days coming up with nothing.  I finally happened upon this cute little buggy costume but I wasn’t thrilled with spending that much on something mass-produced.  I adored the elements though.  The antenna hat was super cute and the little tutu was perfect.  I also wanted something that came as separates that would not only grow with Alexa but could be used for imaginative play in her dress-up bin for years to come.

Of course I turned to Etsy.  It’s where I buy everything it seems.  It’s especially handy when you’re looking for something extremely specific.  Bug antenna hats, PURPLE ones, aren’t exactly easily found in retail outlets.  Non-glittery not-so-fairy wings are HARD to come by.  A wand that doesn’t scream “princess”….unheard of.  Here comes Etsy to the Rescue.

Now that I knew what I had in mind for the costume I just needed to find the vendors to make it.  I had to piece together the different items with a few different shops, but almost everyone I’ve ever dealt with on Etsy is amazing at customer contact and satisfaction.  All of the sellers I shopped from far exceeded my expectations and I’m sure the parts of Alexa’s costume will be broken down and used in many different scenarios while she learns the magic of playing pretend.

Here’s a breakdown of the items we purchased from handmade vendors:

Bug Antenna HatLittle Snugglies By Val found under her “animal hats” section.  The original hat was in bright pink, which I LOVED, but Alexa wanted purple.  Do you know how hard it is to match and talk about the shades of purple without being face to face?  Well Val was amazing at deciphering my requests and delivered an amazing hat!  Alexa adores it.  Not only was it a perfect piece to her costume, it will be a warm winter hat for the rest of this year (and possibly next).  I am thrilled with the purchase and I know so many of you have already said you wanted one for yourself.  Don’t wait, order one NOW!  You can also see more of her work on Facebook

Monarch Butterfly Wings – THESE were the wings of my dreams (and from them).  I had been saving a link to Little E Creations in my favorites for a long while now.  I just knew these were the wings for the costume when I clicked through on my search this last time.  Erin worked with me to come up with a BRAND NEW DESIGN.  I had messaged her exclaiming my love for her work and asked if she would be willing to make a pair of custom designed wings for a 2 year old’s Halloween adventures.  She was not only willing, but excited!  Her sketches were sent over with lightning speed, and even though her project schedule was pretty booked, she finished well before the time we needed them by.  Did I mention she even ordered custom color felt for our design?  Amazing!  When they arrived I was in love.  Alexa was too.  She promptly shouted “BUTTERFLY WINGS”!  I’m already stalking her newest designs for future orders.

Hydrangea Wand – My very good bloggy friend Emily is the owner of Uff Da Designs.  If we’ve attended your daughter’s birthdays, there’s a very good chance you’re already the proud owner of one of her wands.  We bought one when she first opened her shop and been addicted ever since.  I wanted a flower wand for my little butterfly to “perch” on.  I wanted it to be BIG and fluffy and, of course, PURPLE!  Emily decided the flowers to use, and design to create, and the colors to work with.  She sent me this amazing creation and I think I might love it even a little more than Alexa, and boy does she love her wands!  LIKE her on FB right this second.  Not only is she an amazing designer, but she’s a lovely person!

Shorty Tutu – My IRL bestie, Taina, is the mastermind behind Trata Threads.  Not only do they create super cute custom embroidered baby items, but they make fab and fluffy tutus!  We were already the proud owners of one and knew it was time to commission for a new one for this costume!  Ty bought the color tulle I requested and got to work making a perfect little skirt for our butterfly.  I wanted something that stuck out from the waist rather than hung down.  I trusted Ty to pick the right length so that it didn’t come out looking like a fluffy belt, HA!  Alexa loves to dance around in her tutu and I can see her playing *ballerina* over and over in it!  Ty’s business partner, Tracy, is back in NJ so follow them on FB for new ventures to come!

In case you missed it on our Facebook Fan Page (GO LIKE IT NOW!) the Halloween photos are up!  Go look at our day spent at the Sesame Place Spooktacular and then Trick or Treating on Halloween Day!


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  1. November 1, 2011 4:54 pm

    So so so cute! BRAVA! We love us some purple here in the PURPLE VALLEY!

    • November 27, 2011 7:59 am

      WOW, sorry I thought I replied to this! Thanks for the awesome compliment. Alexa’s favorite color is purple…she would LOVE your valley 🙂 Why is it called that?

  2. November 11, 2011 1:07 pm

    i LOVE that her costume is mismatched and handmade. She looks ADORABLE! How cute is that hat?!

    • November 15, 2011 9:18 pm

      I love all the parts of her costume! I was happy to spend a little extra to have pieces she could play with all year long 🙂

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