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About Us

Hi all!  I’ve written a few of these but they never stick.  Who are we?  Why do I blog about us all, and the random things we do, albeit out-of-order?

Peter and I met on Halloween, that’s a pretty well know story.  I wasn’t supposed to be there and neither was he.  We knew all of the same people, but had never met each other.  Well finally our stars aligned and my Hello Kitty costume wooed him from across the dance floor.  Yes, we met at a club.  No one meets a “good one” at a rave!  Well I did (not sure if he’d say the same about me LOL!).

We started dating, we had family holidays together, we moved in together after just 4 months!  TOO soon some said.  Maybe, but it worked out.  We bought a house just a year and change later.  TOO much work some said….yup HA!  We started a family another year later.  Not married yet!  Nope.  Backwards like I said.  Now we’re adding to our family and we’ve still missed the boat on the whole wedding thing.  Someday maybe, but it works for us the way it is now.  There are a few things brewing that may make some think of moving backwards, but I’ll write about those later and at length ;D

Let’s get to the intros:

Amber – ME ME ME ME.  I write this bloggity blog.  I used to pretend like Peter actually had some influence in it by including his name in the tagline, but always referring to myself as “we” when writing the posts felt awkward, and it’s not like he was next to me adding content.  So yes, when something is posted, it’s from me.

Moving on, I’m a recovering perfectionist.  Things don’t have to be so so perfect, but I’m still working on it.  I’m a big fan of the “mommy blogging” world since many of my bestest friends are from there and still live in my computer.  I have a degree in psychology that I’ll likely never use in a formal profession, but it was a fun degree to get and taught me tons about research since I went for more of a quantitative major (I wanted to work in a lab, I didn’t want to deal with patients).  I recently went back for a teaching certification that I’m not sure I’ll use.  We’ll see once the next kiddo is old enough for pre-K.  If I don’t go back to work anytime soon at least I learned how to navigate the public school system so I can advocate for my children.  I’m toying with homeschooling right now, though I don’t know that I’m cut out to do it full-time for old kids!

Peter – the dad, the breadwinner, the guy 🙂  He’s awesome and helps me so much more than most would.  Though, that’s what convinced me to start a family with him.  He’s amazing with kids (his own and strangers alike) and I knew he’d be the best dad for the family I’d want.  He also puts up with my crap far too often.

Peter works doing techy stuff I don’t completely understand.  There’s lots of code and he shows it to me, proud as can be, but I don’t get it.  I swear I’m not dense…and I DO pay attention…it’s just not a language that clicks in my head.  Sorry babe!  Apparently he’s awesome at his job, and he seems to enjoy the majority of it.  What more can you ask for?  A job in a field you studied in, that you like, that pays well?  Pretty good right!  When he’s not working or playing with Alexa…or deal with my requests….he’s usually playing with some sort of gadget or video game.  He stays up too late and yells at the people in his computer 😛

Alexa – Our first child.  She’s a little over 2 and a half and perfect.  I know all parents say that, but she really is, especially considering the traumatic way in which she entered our world.  Born 10 weeks early and in the NICU for 5 weeks….but already stronger than expected.  She was healthy (well for the NICU) and came home with only minimal issues.  That didn’t stop her from being a “never sleeper” for the first year and a half of her life.  We were certain we’d never sleep again, but we were wrong and she did learn to sleep on her own.

She’s an amazing little girl who knows what she wants and when she wants it.  She’s kind and considerate and patient with me when I need to take a day slow.  She’s empathic to the needs of others.  It’s truly amazing to watch her grow up.  We’ve started a Preschool At Home program that she’s thriving in, such a little smartypants!  We love her more than ever expected.  She made me a mother and Peter a father and showed us both that we are capable of far more than we could have imagined.

Baby – I’m due with our 2nd baby girl the first week of March 2012.  This pregnancy has been harder than the one before , but we’re trekking through.  We don’t know who this baby will turn out to be but we’re thrilled to find out.  We’re hopeful that Alexa loves her little sister and feels the family become even stronger and warmer in her presence.

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